Services in the Abbey

We are proud to have organised the annual Sung Vespers service in Tintern Abbey for a number of years.

The services are ecumenical and are open to everyone with hundreds of visitors attending and enjoying our guest speakers. Although the Abbey was closed at the Dissolution of the Monasteries during the English Reformation it is still used every year for occasional worship and the statue or Our Lady and Child was blessed in 2007 being a replica of the only statue that was originally in the Abbey. The Abbey remains a beautiful and peaceful setting for contemplation and prayer.

From time to time other services are held such as a Prayers for Peace service and these will be publicised here so please come back and keep an eye on what's happening. You can, of course, subscribe to our newsletter to keep abreast of what we are doing.


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Outdoors at  Tintern Abbey Outdoors at Tintern Abbey 2022 Outdoors at Tintern Abbey 2022


On such a sunny afternoon singing filled the air at Tintern Abbey on Sunday 11th September when was held the annual service of Sung Vespers and the blessing of the statue of Our Lady of Tintern located in the Abbey Church. This service was made all the more poignant due to the period of national mourning and prayers were said for the late Queen and for God’s Blessing on the new King.

This ecumenical service was well attended with Reverend Tim Dack leading the worship, and the congregation coming from parishes near and far and the Newport Cathedral (St Woolos) Choir filled the air with their wonderful singing. Abbott Paul from Belmont Abbey read from the Rule of Benedict and Mother Katharine from Ty Mawr Convent led intercessions. Father Barnabas Page gave the homily – a short synopsis follows:>

"A lady told me she was driving when the announcement of the Queen’s death came through. She had burst into tears and told me although she had never met the Queen she felt she knew her.

The image of the Potter in Jeremiah 18 is that of the Potter reshaping the clay when the pot goes wrong. Could the Lord use this time of National mourning to reshape minds and hearts?

Another upheaval within our Churches has been covid and many have not returned, could the Lord also use this to reshape his Church? Asking us to find new ways of being Church.

Are we to be sent out of our Churches in new ways, to simply learn how to accompany people. To walk alongside others and to learn how to listen.

Who are the Prophets in the Church ? Who are the Prophets outside of the Church and are we listening to their voice?

Queen Elizabeth died on the 8th of September, the Feast of the Birthday of Our Lady. We belong to the Communion of saints, living and dead, united in Christ.

We commend Queen Elizabeth, King Charles, the Royal family, our Country and all people this day to the Lord.”

The service was organised by the Friends of Our Lady of Tintern(FOLT) with kind permission of CADW.